The Council of Ten

The Council of Ten is made up of one member from each of the established traditions. The council serves as the official governing force of the Traditions and attempts to guide the traditions as a whole. In truth, the council has very little impact on the daily lives of the typical mage as this tends to come more from the local level.

In the modern age, the Traditions hold dear the various practices of magic handed down from many cultrues and legacies. All believe, however, that it’s important to keep magic alive and to give Sleepers the choice of a magical world. From the highest seats of Tradition thinking in the Horizon Realms, to the individual apprentices who dream of a better world, Traditions defend a wolrd where people can believe in wonder, mysticism and spirituatlity. The Technocratic Union has no room for such vagaries, and the Masses have chosen to live in a safe and static world.

Not all mages choose to become part of a Tradition, however. Some prefer to work and live by themselves, figuring out solutions to their problems and celebrating success alone. These Orphans don’t get the benefits of being part of a discrete group, but they don’t have to deal with the more difficult parts of being social, either.

Below is a list of all the Council Traditions along with which sphere that Tradition represents. Keep in mind that which seat a tradition holds, has little practical importance to arcana selection as this is driven by your choice of Path. The choice of tradition will, however, impact your character’s paradigm — what your character believes — to a large extent.

Tradition Seat
Ahl-i-Batin Fate
Akashic Brotherhood Mind
Celestial Chorus Prime
Cult of Ecstacy Time
Dreamspeakers Spirit
Euthanatos Death
Order of Hermes Forces
Sons of Ether Matter
Verbena Life
Virtual Adepts Space

Mortal Mage Vampire Werewolf Changeling Others


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