Path: Mastigos
Ruling Realm: Pandemonium
Purview: Conjuration, scrying, sympathy, teleportation, wards

Space is the art of connection, of the ties between things, the illusion of distance and the means by which one traverses all of reality with a single step. It is an Arcanum for travelers, trailblazers, heralds and all those who seek to dispel ignorance and replace it with knowledge, even if only for their own sake. Space illustrates the ties between people and things, an Arcanum of sympahy, contagion, emotional bonds, roads and doorways.

To the mage versed in Space, spatial extension is an illusioin; all points are one. The willworker is capable of traveling without moving by navigating the illusion of distance with acumen unknown to mundane human beings. Likewise, he can extend his senses far beyond the range of the natural, listening to what goes on in a home two towns over, watching what unfols in a particular restaurant in Tokyo while he is in Cleveland. He could even, with the right combination of other Arcana, hold a conversation with a person 10,000 miles away as though he were sitting across a table from her.

Space is a difficult Arcanum to understand and learn. While most people (thanks to books and films) can conceive of magic that allows one to conjure flames from nothingness, to peer into another’s mind or to place a blessing upon a favored child, few have any sense of the kind of power it takes to alter the dimensions of a building to be larger on the inside than the outside, or to weave a small universe of one’s own out of newly spun threads of space. These capabilities are the province of a reality more akin to that envisioned by M.C. Escher or H.P. Lovecraft than the magic commonly attributed to snowy-bearded wizards of yore.

Mages who devote themselves to learning the Arcanum of Space are often curious individuals, those who are not content with what is already known or has already been done. They set out to learn Truth and are not dissuaded by obstacles set in their path. Mages who specialize in Space are often adaptable people, capable of going around, over or even through roadblocks set in the way of their objectives.

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