Mortal Places

Important Places

Below is a list of the important locations in Detroit. Each of these locations are more or less public locations to mortals. This list is not exhaustive and will probably be expanded upon over time.

  • Ste Anne de Detroit : Founded in 1701, this is the second oldest continuously running Roman Catholic parish in the United States.
  • Renaissance Center : The international headquarters of General Motors was constructed in the late 1970’s.
  • Ford Field : Home of the Detroit Lions, the stadium was built in 2002 and hosted Super Bowl XL in 2006.
  • Comerica Park : Home of the Detroit Tigers, this stadium was built completed in 2000 with the first game being held on April 11, 2000.
  • Wayne County Building : Built in 1897, this is the seat of the Wayne County government.
  • Ford Piquette Plant : Built in 1904, this building was the headquarters of Ford until 1910. During that time, Henry Ford and a team of engineers designed and built the first Model T’s that would revolutionize the automobile industry.
  • Wayne State University : WSU is a public university established in 1868.
  • St Joseph : The Saint Joseph Roman Catholic Church was constructed in 1870-1873.
  • Belle Isle : Situated in the Detroit River, between the US mainland and Canada, Bell Isle is an island park connected by the MacArthur Bridge.

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Mortal Places

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