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This is the Detroit by Night landing page. Right now, I am writing up information for Mage, but I hope to expand this in the future to include the other ‘supernatural’ creatures of the World of Darkness as well.


While Detroit certainly has its share of supernatural creatures, the mortals of the area still far outnumber the rest of the people in the area. Below is information on Detroit as seen by the mortals that live there. The information below can be learned from common sources (such as the internet, public education, etc…). As with any other city, the majority of the mortals in Detroit are blissfully unaware of the dangerous creatures that lurk in their midst.


The mages of Detroit are a contentious group of people as any group of strong willed people would be. Beyond the typical squabbles between one chantry and another, there are also inter-cabal tension and even inter-mage issues to deal with.

The setting I will be working with uses the “old” version of Mages in terms of the setting. I will use the new magic systems but I prefer the traditions of “the Ascension” over the Orders of “the Awakening.” Nevermind that the concepts of the game itself were better there. I will be using some of the setting material from the new mage but most of it will be ignored.


I have yet to really write anything up for the Vampire portion of the setting. At this point, I know for sure that I am going to be using the “New” setting and material as is.


As with Vampire, I have not actually written anything up for this yet, but I know that I’ll be using the new setting and material here as well.


Even though this is not a ‘core’ setting for WoD, I plan to use changelings in my world where I can. I thought this was a pretty fantastic re-boot and I want to make sure that it gets some attention.


This category is the catch-all for Hunter, Promethean, Geist, and whatever other random supernatural groups get made for new WoD. At this point, I have not written anything for any of these sub-groups, but I do intend to have them be present in the city in one way or another.

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