Mage People

As might be expected, the world of Mage is populated by people. From the hierarch down to a common non-magical assistant, all of these people make up the society of mages in the city.

The Consilium

The Tradition mages of Detroit have spent most of their time since the early 20th century trying to gain some foothold against the Technocracy in the area. To this end, the Consilium in the city is dedicated to protecting the local cabals from the Technocracy and taking the fight to them whenever possible. The Consilium is very harsh on mages that attract too much attention from the technocracy and punish such infractions severely.

The council is structured to hold five seats. Each person is the most qualified person on that particular path. The Hierarch is the head of the council and also occupies one of the five seats. The Hierarch acts as a sort of “first among equals” in that role. Each of the councilors is allowed to have a provost but not all of them do.

  • Hierarch: Richard Westcott
  • Councilor of Acanthus:
    • Provost:
  • Councilor of Mastigos: Richard Westcott
    • Provost:
  • Councilor of Moros:
    • Provost:
  • Councilor of Obrimos: Alex Bell
    • Provost:
  • Councilor of Thyrsus:
    • Provost:
  • Sentinel:
  • Herald:

The Charter

Detroit has always been a dangerous area for willworkers to function in. The werewolves in the area had been the initial threat to Awakened society. Later, it was vampires, and then finally, it was the technocracy. There has been little time when there wasn’t some outside force threatening the area. In spite of this, the mages of the city have gone on. Most point to the Consilium as the reason for this.

When the consilium initially formed, they were formed so that the various cabals of the city could work together to protect themselves from the various threats that were present at the time. The charter of the consilium reflects this in that their prime directive is to protect the local Awakened from outside threats. Secondary to this is to enforce the secrecy of the mages so that the threats do not come to the door in the first place.

As a result of this need for secrecy, one of the biggest transgressions, and the least tolerated, is public displays of magic. The low profile required of the consilium has allowed them to escape the notice of most of the other supernatural groups for long periods of time. Only recently have the mages been on an equal footing with some of the other groups and been able to try and move into a more of an offensive position.

Another effect is that the “Great Rights” (S&S pgs. 26-32) are enforced at the consilium level. The Right of Hospitality is especially important as mages are expected to shelter other mages from outside threats. Those that defy these mandates quickly find themselves at odds with the Sentinel and the consilium as a whole.

Joining the Consilium

New Cabals are expected to be nominated by an existing cabal or mage within the consilium. Once the nomination has been made, the new cabal is put into a sort of probationary state. They are able to gain some of the protections of the consilium and are expected to uphold the edicts of the consilium, but they may not nominate new cabals or cast votes for the selection of new councilors. In order to become full-fledged members of the consilium, the new cabal must complete three tasks for the consilium without expecting any favors in return.

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Mage People

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