Mage History

Mages have been present and active within the Detroit area since prior to it being settled in the early 18th century. Over the course of that time, the Mages of the city have often clashed with each other and the other supernatural beings in the area.

French Missionaries

In 1670, French missionaries Francois Dollier de Casson and Rene Brehant de Galinee stop at the site of what will one day be Detroit on their way to the mission at Sault Ste Marie. In his journal, Galinee describes a stone idol that was venerated by the local Native Americans. The idol was destroyed with an axe and the pieces were dropped into the river.

This particular point in history is in contention as Dreamspeakers claim that Casson and Galinee were members of the Celestial Chorus. The Chorus has not claimed responsibility for the actions of Casson and Galinee, but what is known is that the idol that was destroyed was important to the local Werewolf population. The destruction of the idol set off a series of battles between the mages and werewolves before the city had even formed. This enmity with the Werewolves has continued through the modern age.

The Arrival of the Chorus

Within three days of the establishment of a camp by Antoine de Lamothe Cadillac, the construction of the Ste. Anne de Detroit Catholic Church begins construction. It is at this point that the Celestial Chorus first acknowledges their presence in the area. The early presence of the Chorus (and the Catholic Church) influences much of he future course of the city.

Pontiac’s Rebellion

The conflicts between the European colonists and the Native American tribes is well documented in the history of Detroit. Behind this conflict however, there was another conflict occurring as well. Many of the prominent European settlers in the area were Mages of traditions. At the same time, many of the Native American settlers were either Werewolves themselves, or closely tied to the Werewolf tribes. There were also a number of Dreamspeaker mages that allied themselves with the Native American tribes at the time.

This sub-conflict came to a head during Pontiac’s Rebellion in 1763. Mages are unsure of the specifics, but they did know that Pontiac was either a werewolf himself or closely tied to the werewolves of the area. Jeffery Amherst was a high ranking member of the Order of Hermes and his treatment of the tribes in the territories is often sited as a reason for Pontiac’s rebellion. Beyond this important, yet mortal, concern; Amherst had taken control of many of the Nodes in the area that also served as important sites for the Werewolves.

Vampires in Detroit

During the late 18th and early 19th century, Vampires had begun to make headway into the city where they had previously been deterred from entering the city. The high concentration of werewolves and mages in the city had prevented them from really gaining any ground beyond a few vampires here an there. By the early 19th century, however, vampires had started to almost overrun the city.

It wasn’t long before vampires came into conflict with both the werewolves and the Mages of the city. Mages were steadily losing ground against the vampires in the city, who had taken steps to corrupt and control many of the key people in the city. In 1805, nearly the entire city was burned to the ground in a massive fire. Nearly all of the vampires in the city were killed, and all the mages that survived had scattered along with the mortal population.

Nobody knew precisely what had happened, but most mages suspect that the werewolves had hoped to remove the vampires and the mages in one attack. The mortals rebuilt the city, but the mages and vampires of the city did not fully recover for nearly 100 years.

Ford Motor Corporation is Founded

In 1903, Henry Ford founds Ford Motor Corp. While Henry Ford was not a mage himself, the Technocracy quickly seized the opportunity to get into the “ground floor” of the new company. As the company grew, so did the power of the Technocracy in the area. It was not until this point that mages had any sizable population in the city. As the Motorcity began to take shape, Mages were once again in control with the other supernaturals retreating before their power.

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Mage History

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