Path: Acanthus
Ruling Realm: Arcadia

Purview: Blessings, curses, destiny, fortune, oaths, probability.

Understanding the Arcanum of Fate grants its practitioner the ability to manipulate the threads of destiny, creating good or ill fortune, binding oaths, blessings and curses.

Those who study Fate come to understand the intricacies of fortune, seeing with clear sight the interconnection of the threads that bind all cause and effect within Creation. Those with powerful destinies (or none at all) stand out to even the most elementary Fate Arcanum perceptions, while more complicated fortunes sometimes require more of a discerning eye.

Mages who devote themselves to the understanding of the Fate Arcanum are usually the sorts of people who would rather know “why” rather than “how.” Many of them enjoy a good mystery and consider feelings about things to be just as important, if not more so, than so-called “hard facts.” Sometimes mages who wish to discertn the vagaries of Fate do so out of an implicit faith in destiny, shile others do so out of a blatant distrust in that nebulous constant. Those who submit themselves to fortune are often easygoing and carefree, with the confidence born of knowing, and more importantly accepting that what is meant to be, will be. Those who rail against fortune are usually driven and unhappy people, too concerned with shaping their own role in the future to admire the beautiful complexities of Fate.

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