Detroit By Night

Welcome to the landing page for the Detroit by Night Chronicle/setting. Right now, I am constructing the setting for future games. I’ll be putting lots of attention on the “big three” games for WoD and then giving a little attention to soem of the smaller games.

Before any of the supernaturals, there will be some basic history of the city of Detroit itself from the point of view of the mortals that inhabit it. Being that most of the information that will be used for this section will be “real world” history, I won’t be putting a huge amount of information here since it is all available online for those that know how to use the google.

Being that my favorite game of all time is Mage, I’ll be putting much of my focus there to start. The setting is going to be using all the old Traditions and setting information, but I’ll be pulling the things I like from the new game (like the rules systems).

Vampire is a thing for most people, so I’ll make sure to write some good stuff for them too. I’m not totally sure at this point what will be the best way to approach Vampire in terms of the setting. There is some really cool stuff in the old setting, but there is also some good stuff in the new setting so I’ll have to see what people think on this one before I go forward with it. As it is now, I am leaning toward the new setting.

Werewolf is the game that I thought really didn’t need much help when WoD did its big reset. The setting and world was fantastic and, other than the regular things with the rules, there wasn’t much that needed to be done. I’m currently leaning toward using the old setting on this one, but I might change my mind on that as I get closer to writing it up. The biggest determination on this is how easy it will be to convert the old setting into the new system.

The new Changeling game is pretty awesome. I think I’ll just use that as is.

Finally, there will be space for all the other supernaturals as well. This would include the Hunters, Prometheans, etc… Since they are a much smaller group, I wouldn’t need to take a lot of time to detail each individual group.

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Detroit By Night(Mage)